We are a premier trusted partner for all aircraft owners. At MN Aviation we count with the knowledge and contacts in the industry to optimize an aircraft management experience. Our state-of-the-art service allows every owner to enjoy their investment in a safe and reliable way, avoiding the daily complications of flight operations.


Our elite group of aviation experts will efficiently lead all coordination and logistics of flights. Our team is also committed to always provide the highest quality service to our passengers.


It is important to have industry experts as your advocates when selling or purchasing an aircraft. Our sales team will guide you through this journey, so you can make a reliable decision.


Our expert team has a wealth of experience in the private aviation industry, and we can handle whatever charter needs you might have. Our pilots are professionally qualified by the best training centers in the United States of America.


The safety of our clients is our number one priority. All aircraft offered by MN Aviation as well as all flight crew are subject to comprehensive screening and procedures.


The good performance of an aircraft depends mostly on a consistent and responsible maintenance. MN Aviation’s maintenance is scheduled periodically and carried out with the certified professionals according to the FAA regulations.


Our main interest is to provide our customers with excellence in our service. With security in mind, we schedule monthly reports and meetings in order to keep a report of the accounting and administrative details of the aircraft.


We are an elite group of accredited private aviation experts. Certifications represent a substantial effort within the aviation world. MN Aviation brings all the necessary knowledge to ease this process to the owner of the aircraft. We also provide coverage of the certifications that we have as a company.


Our sales team is focused on providing a high-quality service. Excelling with our expertise on digital marketing tools such as social media advertising.


Our experience in the aviation industry allows us to have a wide range of suppliers, which enables us to negotiate fuel prices, providing savings to our customers.

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